McWane and Associates is a small privately owned engineering services firm established in 1975 to provide consulting services in welding, metallurgical, and materials engineering.  Specifically, the firm helps you design and build in quality by avoiding costly welding, metallurgical, and materials mistakes when designing, selecting and purchasing materials, establishing, specifying or performing welding, heat treating, forming, or other material fabrication methods.

Since 1999 the company has been answering technical questions and providing engineering support and consulting online through its’ web site, in addition to serving clients at their locations.

Because the science of welding, metallurgy and materials does not change from one industry to the next, the company is able to continue to successfully serve a diversity of clients and industries, and therefore pass the benefits of this diverse industry experience on to you in the form of best industry practices.


Odell McWane, P.E.


  • M.S. Welding Engineering
  • M.S. Materials Engineering
  • B.S. Welding Engineering Technology
  • A.S. Welding Technology
  • Registered Professional Metallurgical Engineer
  • Registered Professional Welding Engineer (1977-2019, Ohio discontinued WE exam)
  • Former Welding Instructor
  • Former Certified Welding Inspector
  • Former Certified Welder

Mr. McWane has more than 50 years of successful hands-on experience in the welding, metallurgical, and materials engineering field, and has held several engineering and teaching positions, plus practical experience as a welder.

Mr. McWane also holds a full-time credential for teaching welding in the California Community College system, and has held certifications as a welder, welding inspector (QC1/CWI), and SNT-TC-1A level II certifications in radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant examination methods.

He is a seasoned veteran who continues to gain valuable diverse industry knowledge and experience for the benefit of his clients.  His knowledge and experience is continuing to help clients to successfully achieve their objectives.

While most welding engineers today go from high school to college without getting practical hands-on welding experience, Mr. McWane has the unique experience of making a living as a certified welder/fabricator for ten years before getting his bachelor’s degree.  This unique and valuable experience gives him the ability and advantage of being able to look at any welding situation from the standpoint of both a welder, and welding engineer.