If the outcome of welding is important to you in this age of Covid-19, social distancing, limited or no physical contact, and welding personnel shortages, then no matter where you are on the globe you’re only one click away from online remote welding consulting and support a convenient, reliable, time and cost saving resource you can use to get the right answers to your welding questions, to prevent and solve welding problems.


Simply stated, online remote welding consulting and support are your online remote welding engineering department. It uses email, phone, fax, video conferencing and a welding engineer who have a welding engineering degree, to help you establish and specify welding requirements, answer technical welding questions, and advise your designers, engineers, procurement, fabrication, quality and inspection personnel on matters of welding, for the design, procurement, fabrication, and inspection of weldments.  A weldment is any product, structure, component, part, or assembly joined by welding.

It’s needed because welding design, fabrication and quality questions and problems can come up when least expected since there is a general lack of welding knowledge in industry which causes welding mistakes; because the science and technology of welding are not generally taught at the four-year university or college level to engineering students, except to those few students in a welding engineering degree program.  And this creates a chronic shortage of welding engineers.  Therefore, most firms that design and fabricate weldments typically have no one on their staff with a welding engineering degree.  This limits their ability to establish and specify welding requirements, answer technical welding questions, advise on matters of welding, prevent and solve welding problems, and interpret and apply the welding and fabrication requirements in applicable welding codes, standards, and specifications, which can be especially challenging to the layman user or specifier.  The firms therefore mistakenly rely too heavily on welding inspection, often as an afterthought, to control and improve welding quality.  A common mistake.  You cannot inspect-in welding quality.  Welding inspection is necessary but it’s not enough, because even when welding inspection is done in accordance with industry codes and standards, it typically occurs after the weldment has been designed or built, typically without the support of a welding engineer.  Therefore, welding quality or lack of welding quality has already been designed or built-in the weldment.  Consequently, welding inspection can only confirm or verify the welding quality that’s already there, good or bad.  To ensure good welding quality, you must first design-in welding quality, before you can build-in welding quality.  Welding quality must become inherent in the design, procurement and fabrication process by avoiding mistakes.  Neither can welding inspection be substituted for welding engineering.  The welding inspection function does not establish welding and inspection requirements.  The welding engineering function does.  The role of the welding inspection function is to confirm or verify that the welding and inspection requirements established and specified by the welding engineering function is implemented without making mistakes.  One welding mistake can cost millions.  Welding inspection is the most misunderstood, misused, and overused activity in welding.  It does not add value to the weldment.

You benefit by staying on schedule, and within budget by avoiding welding mistakes that can cost millions.  In addition, you save the time and cost associated with having a welding engineer travel to your location.  You also save the cost of maintaining a full-time welding engineering department and staff.

To get a cost estimate for welding consulting and support, click on CONTACT METHODS and use any of the methods listed to contact McWane and Associates.  The preferred method is by email.

To get answers to your unique welding questions, submit your welding questions using the email link on the CONTACT METHODS page.  State your welding question and then ask for a quote.  Provide as much information as possible about the welding question.

After receiving your unique welding question, it will be reviewed for an answer or solution.  If it can be answered, you will be quoted a price for the answer or solution by return email.  If you decide to proceed, the answer will be provided after payment.  Typical unique welding questions fall within one of two categories:

  1. Questions for which the answer is immediately known.  You can expect an immediate answer after payment.
  2. Questions for which the answer is not immediately known.  You can expect a short delay in receiving the answer because the question must be researched.
  3. All welding questions must be in writing.  In some cases, it may be necessary to use postal mail, or fax for drawings or sketches to fully describe the welding question.  This is acceptable.  No verbal phone welding questions will be answered.
  4. All welding answers or solutions will be in writing by return email, fax, or postal mail if drawings or sketches are required for a complete answer.  No verbal phone welding answers will be given.
  5. The purpose of the written welding question and answer rule is to provide a record of the question and answer to prevent any misunderstanding concerning what question was asked and what answer or solution was given.  In other words, it serves as a Quality Assurance check to ensure that you get the correct answer to the question, or correct solution to the problem.
  6. If the quoted price for the answer or solution is acceptable to you, indicate by return email which payment method will be used, and instructions for making payment will be provided if necessary.  Acceptable methods of payment are:

You can enter into a contract for defined services to be performed over a specific period of time. You can use this method if you need to have someone available on a continuous basis to answer questions, perform a service or provide solutions.  The payments to be made to the secure PayPal website account periodically as determined by contract terms.

You can use this method if you need answers or solutions to your questions on an as needed basis without committing to a contract.  The payment button below will take you to a secure PayPal website where your payment will be processed.